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      Young musicians rock out at camp

      Avery, Tia, and Gabby are just three of 31 local youth musicians participating in PJ Olsson's Rock Camp .The musical camp is in its third year, and P.J. Olsson is teaching the young musicians what it takes to become a great artist. "They start the day, everyday, with rehearsal. They end the day, everyday, with rehearsal. Then throughout the days we have certain instructor seminars where the bass players can go with our bass instructor, our guitar players can go with our guitar instructor," said Olsson.The last time we saw David Daavettila , he was auditioning for Rock Camp. This time he's fully engulfed in the music, and he's learning how to perfect his craft."At Rock Camp, I get to play with other people and play with great instruments that I normally don't get to. It's a great experience to play with Danny Thompson," said Daavettila.Danny Thompson is one of the instructors, but he's also a drummer who's currently playing with the Alan Parson's Live Project.Rock Camp lasts two weeks, and the campers spend eight hours a day learning and rehearsing music. The instructors say one of the most important things these artists are learning is how to be confident while performing. Singer and songwriter Maria Sliva says she's not planning on pursuing a musical career, but she's loving every minute of camp."I hope I learn more about myself as an artist, which I already have, I think, just in this past week. I did Rock Camp the last time we did it here in 2010, and I think this time I just had an even greater time. We have a great band here. We're kind of folksy, and it's just kind of a good vibe," said Silva.Camp ends this Saturday with all of the campers performing at the Rozsa Center, and this year they want to fill all 1,067 seats.

      If you're interested in seeing the show, you can purchase a ticket click here.