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      Young musicians use talent to give back

      They may not look like your normal orchestra; that's because it's not.

      These young musicians call themselves different. Much like their name, Eclettico Chamber Orchestra, their sounds are eclectic. And if you thought you knew what classical music sounds like, they say think again.

      "A lot of people have that stereotype about classical music, and maybe when they see us at first they think they know what they're going to expect, but they really don't," said Andrew LaCombe, an orchestra member.

      What you can expect are various renditions of classic and contemporary music composed by sounds of violins, violas, the double bass and the cello.

      "We play things that were back in the 1600s to things that are written just this year," LaCombe said.

      "Mumford & Sons, Michael Jackson, Queen, Led Zepplin," added Alexis Mahler, an orchestra member. "We have a lot of Rock and Roll songs that we kind of just hear on the radio and go, 'Oh that would sound really good.'"

      And because music is their passion, they're taking their talents a step further. The band has set up local fundraising performances. Admission is free, but donations are encouraged to help support the Marquette and Negaunee Public School orchestra program.

      "The music programs that we grew out of, like any music program, needs help and needs support even after we're done, and I think that it's really important that we keep giving back to it," Mahler said.

      Their next performance is Thursday, Dec. 29 at 7:30 p.m. at Saint Michael's Church in Marquette.