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      Young teen bikes across Michigan

      If you see a young biker pedaling along the shoulder of US-41 this week, wave hello.

      It's Luke Wiltse, a 15-year-old from downstate, who's biking all the way from Oscoda, near the thumb region, to Copper Harbor.

      The ambitious teen made a pit stop at our station Thursday morning at around 10 a.m. He stayed in Harvey Wednesday night and is hoping to make it to Baraga to rest Thursday evening. Each day he averages about 100 to 110 miles and seems not to be phased by inclement weather.

      So what inspired Wiltse to make the treacherous trip?

      "I kind of got the idea from my dad because he's been biking a lot through his life, and he did his first trip through Copper Harbor when he was like 15, so I decided I'd do mine," said Wiltse.

      He hopes to make it to his destination by this weekend, where his parents will pick him up and drive him back downstate.

      What is his next challenge? To bike from Seattle to lower Michigan.