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      Your trash is someone's treasure

      With the warm weather approaching, a lot of us may start our spring cleaning deciding what can be thrown away. Rather than throw it away, ever consider donating it for a good cause?

      Habitat for Humanity ReStore resale outlets accept donations from the public of any unwanted items. The staff then cleans up the items and resells them to the general public for a fraction of the cost.

      They have a wide selection of household items including appliances, and every purchase brings Habitat for Humanity closer to providing funding for community improvement.

      "We helped three families. We built homes that three families could buy and start a new life somewhere else, and that is satisfying. There's a lot of satisfaction, and that's why you're in this job make sure that things get done so people can get help," said Iron Mountain ReStore Manager Michael Miller.

      Before you bring out the trash bags, remember that every item counts and could potentially help a family in need.