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      Youth Advisory Council holds contest to end cyberbullying

      The Youth Advisory Council in the Keweenaw is holding another video contest, this time focusing on the prevention of cyberbullying.

      Students in grades six through 12 in the Copper Country Intermediate School District are encouraged to create a one- to three-minute video demonstrating ways to combat cyberbullying. Entries are due by April 28, and cash prizes will be given to the top three winners.

      Students in the advisory council say they hope it will put an end to all forms of bullying.

      "A lot of people don't like to say what they think face to face, so when they say it on a computer, it's a lot easier, and people will say a lot meaner things," said Houghton High School senior, Annika Wheeler.

      "It'll just get lots of students in the community thinking of not only how to solve these problems, but other students will get the opportunity to learn what their peers have created," added Houghton High School senior, Vladislav Kotov.

      For more information about entering the contest, check out the Keweenaw Community Foundation website .