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      Youth Asset Results are in

      This year, the Great Lakes Center for Youth Development received compelling statistics from the Profile of Student Life surveys given to students in the Marquette and Alger Counties last year.

      "It really is all about relationships and that's something our community can do ," said Amy Quinn, President Elect for GLCYD.

      According to the survey results, risk behaviors have decreased significantly.

      Alcohol use is down to 27 percent, illicit drug use is down to 7percent, sexual activity is down to 27percent, and violence is down to 28 percent.

      Thriving indicators have increased noticeably, as well.

      Helping others is up to 78 percent, valuing diversity is up to 54 percent, maintaining good health is up to 58 percent, and delaying gratification is up to 47percent.

      "As a youth, you don't feel understood, we feel like we don't have a say in doing things, and doing this kind of thing, not only do I get to have a say in things and help other people, but I can encourage other kids," said Cassie Crooks-Luepke, a youth in Alger County.

      "We've been doing this since 1997 in Marquette and Alger counties, and since then half of the assets actually increased a statistically significant amount, so it tells us that the community is hearing about the development assets and the framework and that it is working," Quinn said.

      Out of a total of 40 different assets, students reported having an average of 19.6 of them. The two of the least common were having positive family communication and the youth feeling valued in the community.

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