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      Youth lose training wheels after bike camp

      The fifth annual Lose The Training Wheels bike camp wrapped up Friday at Lakeview Arena in M arquette.

      The five-day bike camp helps children with physical disabilities learn how to ride a bike. It's hosted by the Special Education Parent Advisor Committee, or SEPAC. Lose The Training Wheels provided a trailer full of bikes and two trainers for the kids. Volunteers helped spot for the riders while they learned. A total of 15 riders, ages 8 to 17, registered this year. Some of the riders were from out of state this year, including one who traveled all the way from K ansas.

      The reaction from the families has been overwhelmingly positive.

      "Feedback's been great. All of the parents, of course, are just amazed that within five days, the kids are riding," said SEPAC Chairwoman Karin Hansard.

      Each child was also awarded a certificate and trophy.