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      Youth on Ice at Chief Lake Youth Camp location

      The Chief Lake Wilderness Youth Camp may be under construction, but that hasn't stopped the camp's winter outdoor activities.

      Saturday, more than 50 kids and their families participated in the "Youth on Ice" event. It was the first annual event for the camp, and they plan on holding several winter activities to get kids involved while it's undergoing renovations.

      "What we're trying to do is showcase our events before the camp is completed so anything that we can do outdoors without the use of the facilities is what we'll be doing, and it's all about having fun and getting the kids out together with each other and ice fishing...learning about it," said Camp Project Development Coordinator, Steve Nesbitt. "It'd be great if they catch some fish, but just having fun with each other is what it's all about."

      "I like it because I'm out with my family, and I want to spend time with them," said Kaylin Lemire, who participated in the event. Organizers say they hope to have construction of the camp completed by next fall.