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      Youth organization looking for community involvement

      TeenServe members had a meeting in Felch for a mission trip they hope to have next summer

      The meeting was to try and recruit community residents to assist in bringing TeenServe to Dickinson County next year.

      TeenServe is an organization that brings youth groups into a community where they all sleep in a school for a week and go out everyday in teams of six, working on homes in the community.

      "They repair the steps, they build wheelchair ramps, just lots of things, and in doing that, they get to interact with the residents who live there, and it just becomes a wonderful bond of friendship for the kids and the people who live in these homes," said TeenServe publicist, Gail Robert.

      If you would like to sign up to help or are interested in having work done on your home, contact Gail Robert at (906) 221-5188, Joel Smeby at (906) 246-3456 or head to the TeenServe website.