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      Youth take over boat house stage

      The summer season continues at Lake Superior Theatre in Marquette, and now it is time for young people to take center stage.

      "The Mouse That Roared" is a play that features an all youth cast. It tells the story of some trickery gone bad. The make believe, tiny country of Grand Fenwick tries to extort money from the United States.

      The show's director, Courtney Brown, explained more of the humorous plot.

      "Through a series of unlikely events, it backfires on them, so now they have a bomb that can blow up most of Europe in their country, and they're still not any better, so now it's up to the 22-year-old Duchess Gloriana to figure out what to do with their country," said Brown.

      The role of Gloriana is played by Miranda Conroy. It's her second performance with Lake Superior Theatre. Conroy gets to stretch her imagination to play her lead part.

      "It doesn't say in the script what her personality is, so I kind of got to invent it," said Conroy.

      The show is a play, not a musical, but stage manager Sydney Rehmann feels audience members will still be visually impressed without dancing or singing.

      "We have really beautiful curtains, and we have a huge throne that the audience will love," said Rehmann.

      Brown thinks that the show will be enjoyed by audience members of all ages. She compared it to a popular movie.

      "Shrek is appealing to adults--it's got some of that adult humor in it, things that adults are going to understand, but it's also appealing to kids because it's funny, it's got bite to it, it's entertaining," Brown said.

      Because of high interest at auditions, there are actually two casts for this youth theatre production that includes kids from ages four to eighteen.

      "It floors you, and it really puts in perspective that kids can do a lot of things, and age just doesn't matter," Brown said.

      Rehmann thinks everyone should come out and catch a performance.

      "It's the youth of Marquette, we've worked hard, and it's an awesome show," she said.

      "The Mouse That Roared" opens Wednesday night at the Lake Superior Theatre boathouse and runs through Sunday. The show continues next week, running Wednesday through Sunday. All performances begin at 7:30 p.m. For ticket information, visit