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      Zoning Board of Appeals denies AT&T tower proposal

      The Marquette Zoning Board of Appeals denied a controversial cell phone tower that was proposed near Econo Foods.

      A large crowd was on hand to voice their opposition to the tower, citing the obstruction of their view and a decline in property values. AT&T was represented by Attorney Bryan Monaghan who explained that this was the least obtrusive site for the tower, which would increase cell phone and data coverage in the area.

      "Essentially what the radio frequency engineers at AT&T do is they say 'Dave, I've got this little tiny circle and for me to maximize our radio frequency coverage in a given area, this is where I gotta be,'" said Monaghan.

      After hearing public comment from about a dozen citizens, the members of the board voted against the tower 4 to 3. AT&T can reapply to the Zoning Board of Appeals at a later date. Should the tower get approved by the board, it would still have to go before the City Planning Commission.