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      Group of doctors leave for Haiti

      A medical team from Marquette left K.I. Sawyer early Saturday morning, headed for Ft. Lauderdale, then Miami, then Haiti, to treat the refugees headed from the central part of the country to the coastal town of Les Cayes.

      The ten person team, staff of Marquette General Hospital, carried medical supplies and food, in order to stay self-contained for the week they spend in the earthquake ravaged country.

      Sunday they'll load onto a former Navy Grumman Albatross, an old Navy plane capable of landing on the ocean, then they'll head to Immaculate Conception Hospital.

      Team leader Dr. Dan Hardie said, "We're really pretty set up to be pretty much self-contained; to do anesthesia, to do surgeries. We also have a lot of antibiotics and pain medication."

      It took the team, led by Dr. Hardie, and organized by Delta pilot Stuart Sarasin, a week to organize the group.

      They received thousands of dollars worth of medical supplies, from M.G.H., Bell Hospital, and cash donations from Marquette area residents to bring relief to the people in Haiti.