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      Haiti team returns with video, stories

      When their amphibious albatross plane landed off the coast of Haiti last weekend, Dr. Dan Hardie and his team were prepared to enter a disaster zone.

      Although they were not at the heart of the damage in Port au Prince, their help was sorely needed.

      "A lot of refugees were coming there and they really didn't have a lot of surgical supplies or preparedness," said Hardie. "There was one orthopedic surgeon who had been sent there, but he didn't have really much to work with."

      Fortunately, Dr. Hardie and his team came armed and ready. With donations from local Marquette organizations, Hardie was able to provide proper care in the neighboring city of Les Caye.

      "I felt in the 48 hours that I had to get ready that I was very much supported by the community," said surgical P.A. Michelle Lexmond. "I felt like we went there carrying Marquette with us."

      The team was stationed at The Hospital of Immaculate Conception where the bulk of their work consisted of bone repairs at a casting clinic. During his trip, 15 surgeries were performed.

      And although they were the ones extending helping hands, psychologist Paula Pazskie felt the Haitians gave them much more.

      "The biggest reward, I think, was we never ever give as much as we receive when we go out," said Pazskie. "The biggest reward was seeing the incredible spirit of the Haitian people."

      Yesterday's return to Sawyer Airport was an emotional one. The team was glad to be home, but they know there's so much more work to be done in Haiti and they would like to return.

      Watch 26 minutes of raw video the group brought back from Haiti.