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      Packing heat at parks

      You'll soon be able to carry a handgun into our national parks. Although parks like Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore have allowed hunting since its creation, loaded concealed weapons have not been allowed, until now.

      The Bush Administration has overturned a 25-year-old federal rule that severely restricts concealed weapons in national parks and wildlife refuges.

      "I'm disappointed by the regulation, said Pictured Rocks Superintendent Jim Northup. I think the current regulation has been working very well, and I think this particular change was unnecessary, and I think to some extent it will compromise the safety of our employees and visitors."

      Gary Modlin with the U.P. Whitetail Association thinks the new rule reinforces our second amendment right to bear arms.

      "The facts always prove out: increase carrying firearms by legally lawful people, licensed people, trained people, result in a reduction of crime, not an increase," said Modlin.

      Still there are some places where you won't be able to carry a loaded gun. Those include the park's offices, headquarters, and visitor's centers.

      Even though Northup is disappointed, he says he'll still enforce the rule, which is set to take effect next month.