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      POLL - Marquette's national praise

      POLL - Marquette's national praise

      Forbes Magazine and rank Marquette as the third best small city in the nation to raise a family. Marquette was up against 125 other towns with populations less than 100,000.

      Forbes looked at quality-of-life variables like average income, education levels of the citizens and short driving commute times.

      Marquette Mayor John Kivela says he's thrilled by the honor:

      "I think the people that live here realize that we have something special. We've got good schools, we have relatively stable employment. Economically, we're weathering the storm. When the rest of the state has really struggled, we've maintained. So I think we know we've got something unique here, and it's great that we're recognized nationally for it," says Kivela.

      Marquette finished third behind only Dubuque, Iowa and Manitowoc, Wisconsin.

      In the Daily Pulse, we're wondering your thoughts on this recent national praise. Is Marquette a good place to raise a family, as Forbes Magazine suggests? Yes or no?

      Vote in the poll below, then watch your FOX UP News Thursday for the final results.