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      Massive moose herd enters the U.P.

      Michigan wildlife officials say they TMre concerned about reports of a huge herd of moose that has just crossed the border from Wisconsin into the Upper Peninsula.

      Best estimates late Thursday put the herd at 465 animals, apparently led by a bull moose standing eight feet tall and weighing at least 1600 pounds.

      He TMs a feisty one, I TMll tell you that, said Smoky Aho, who runs Smoky TMs Pasty Shop in southern Gogebic County. I tried to get a picture of him and he gave me the evil eye, then snorted at me real loud, then started after me. Holy cow! Talk about scared!.

      Aho escaped by locking himself in his sauna.

      Particularly alarming was the herd TMs attack on a Beefaroo restaurant near Land O TM Lakes, Wisconsin on Wednesday. No injuries were reported, but employees say that the animals ravaged the restaurant TMs entire supply of French fries and onion rings.

      At last report, the moose were 12 miles southwest of Watersmeet headed north at about four miles per hour and resting at night, generally near a river or lake. Witnesses say the animals are taking particular care to avoid motorists when crossing highways.

      I TMve never seen anything like it, said wildlife biologist Dr. George Knutjob. Moose generally aren TMt too bright and they usually don TMt travel in big herds. This group, I don TMt know, they seem to be awfully determined and awfully well organized.

      One other concern"two separate packs of wolves are now tracking the moose, apparently looking for an opportunity to take down one of the stragglers.

      Dog owners in the area have been urged to bring their pets inside until the thundering parade of moose and wolves passes.

      Where are the moose headed? Good question.

      My guess is they TMre coming back to reclaim some of their old feeding grounds, explains Harry Kritterz of Moose Outreach Organization, or MOO. They got long memories, that TMs for sure, and they TMre angry that they were booted out of here a century ago. They TMre comin TM back for blood.