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      UFO sighting over U.P. skies?

      An Ishpeming man is looking for answers to a strange sight in the September skies.

      It was a bright looking object over Hovey Lake in Alger County that caught the eye of Mark Perala. He took several photos on September 19 just after 8 p.m. He's not sure what they are, so he showed them to NMU Physics Professor David Lucas, who believes it's a satellite.

      "I started clicking pictures and that's when all of a sudden there's a bright object up here," explained Perela. "Then it's a ways out and then it's right here in front of me, and then I went and sat down and reviewed the pictures with my friends and showed them and they said, 'Holy cripe, what the heck is that?'"

      "There are these satellites put up by a company called Iridium, and they have highly reflective surfaces to them," said Dr. Lucas.

      Perala isn't so sure it's a satellite. He doesn't believe it would move back and forth in the sky.

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