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      Concerned citizens turn to city council to rid town of 'spice'

      A heated debate about synthetic marijuana, or spice, took place in Iron Mountain. City officials and citizens at Monday night's Iron Mountain City Council meeting aired their differences. The parents want something done as soon as possible, up to including banning spice. However, the city council is hesitant to make any final decisions, fearing a lawsuit. They say if they do ban the sale of spice or potpourri, smoke shops in the community could come back with legal action against the city.

      "Do we have to be the following community rather than the bold community that George is talking about? Can't we forge new ground? I'm not asking to bring liability on the city, Ted. You know that. That's exactly what we're doing though, Mike, no, all we're asking is to let the attorneys come up with something. We're not asking you to pass something that's wrong; we're just asking you to do something," said a concerned Iron Mountain resident.

      In the end, all that was done was to appoint a committee to investigate the risks of spice or synthetic marijuana products.