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      Gov. Snyder on fighting in Washington: 'Our nation and its people deserve better'

      Michigan's Governor Rick Snyder released a statement on Thursday regarding the current political culture in Washington D.C. during the recent government shutdown.

      Governor Snyder stated that the immediate crisis is over but believes underlying issues have not been resolved and that the nation could face the same crisis again in a few months.

      "This is a fundamental failure of our political culture," said Snyder. "If the shutdown had continued and the nation gone into default, the people in need are the ones who would have paid the highest price. Fighting has replaced serving the people as the top priority in Washington."

      The governor went on to add that the nation's toughest problems persist year after year because efforts to solve them vanish in a quagmire of political infighting, stating "our nation and its people deserve better." The governor added that Washington should look to Michigan for ways to improve political culture.

      "We're using an approach that I call 'relentless positive action,'" Snyder said. "That means no blame, no credit, just focus on solving a problem and then move on to the next one. Of course, Republicans and Democrats have differing ideas and points of view. That's to be expected. And sometimes, we have passionate disagreements, but we find the areas where we agree and build upon them to fix our problems. And, at all times, we keep moving forward."

      Snyder went on to add that our leaders need to recognize the broken system in Washington, and fix it.

      "It's time for mutual respect and statesmanship to push aside fighting and finger-pointing and create a new political culture devoted to serving the people," Snyder concluded. "Our nation needs its leaders to end their obsession with placing blame and focus on working to implement solutions."

      What are your thoughts on the recent issues in Washington, D.C.?