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      Governor Snyder blasts Senate over vacation without voting

      Michigan's Governor Rick Snyder

      Governor Rick Snyder expressed his disappointment on the Senate's decision to adjourn for summer without voting on health care legislation.

      The bill in question is the Healthy Michigan plan, which the governor's office believes will reduce skyrocketing hospital costs which are a result of uncompensated health care.

      "Ensuring access to affordable, quality health care is one of the most significant challenges facing Michigan," said Governor Rick Snyder. "The Healthy Michigan plan will help achieve that."

      The Michigan House of Representatives approved the bill last week. Governor Snyder says that Michigan senators need to take a vote, not a vacation.

      "Leaving this undone will negatively impact our people, health care providers, and businesses as they deal with the challenges associated with the Affordable Care Act," Governor Snyder added. "I appreciate the fact that lawmakers have addressed other significant issues this year, but the job isn't done. I encourage all Michiganders to ask their senators why they left Lansing for the summer without finishing their work. That's what I'm going to do."

      Governor Snyder's office says that treating people without insurance places an $820 million burden on Michigan medical industry.

      â??The people of Michigan expect and deserve leadership on critical issues facing our state,â?? Snyder said. â??My legislative partners and I have been entrusted with that responsibility, and it is one we can never take for granted. This issue has had a thorough and lengthy debate in Lansing. Michigan families deserve better.â??