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      Houghton TEA Party

      The Concerned Citizens of the Upper Peninsula (CCUP) voiced their concern this afternoon in Houghton.

      They held a Labor Day TEA Party--TEA standing for "Taxed Enough Already". They called it a "Liberty Rally," and all they want is to be heard by their government.

      "Our over-arching message is one of unification and to express the voice of our people who are underserved by our elected officials," said Mary Sears, Chair of CCUP.

      Though the Concerned Citizens say they'll tackle just about any governmental issue, it seems like today, everyone--including those opposing the CCUP--was concentrating on health care. That opposition wants to remind them that no fight ever goes unchallenged.

      "Nothing's wrong with what's going on here. We're just trying to show that it's not a one-sided debate," said Joe Hernandez of the Houghton County Democratic Party.

      Democratic State Representative Mike Lahti and Republican Tom Casperson were both on hand at the event. That's what the people want. No matter their view on an issue, they want their government to listen.

      Over 400 people showed up for this afternoon's TEA Party, all with an opinion, all with a voice. Isn't that what democracy is all about: Government by the people...of the people...for the people?