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      How will lack of action on debt affect the U.P.?

      There's a lot of pressure. The Debt Reduction Supercommittee was unable to reach a compromise, and now Congress will have to make adjustments to government programs in a hurry. U.S. Senator Debbie Stabenow says an agreement should have been made, and she's still hoping that will happen. Stabenow is chair of the Senate Agriculture Committee, who she says was able to reach a bipartisan agreement that cut $23 billion from the department. She says it's important to cut bureaucracy and paperwork, while continuing to support the people. She says it's not clear how Monday's events could impact the U.P.

      "We don't know yet what the full impact in the U.P. will be as these decisions go forward. I'm going to make sure working families, senior citizens, children in Michigan don't bear the brunt," said Stabenow.

      Stabenow says she plans to take the agriculture proposal back to the committee following Thanksgiving, in hopes they will reach an agreement to cut $1.2 trillion from the total budget.