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      Ishpeming City Council and Police Chief Bjorne reach resolution

      After a packed house and some intense words from Ishpeming residents, the Ishpeming City Council directed the city manager to negotiate with Police Chief Jim Bjorne about his early retirement. The negotiated agreement will need the approval of the city council.

      After a closed session at Wednesday night's meeting, the city council passed a motion to give City Manager Jered Ottenwess the authority to make a deal with Chief Bjorne concerning his request to retire.

      Ottenwess says the agreement will allow Bjorne to transfer his years with Marquette County so he can retire due to his health problems. In turn, Bjorne will drop his complaint against the city.

      Ottenwess says that while things may have become heated, this is a great example of how local politics work.

      "It's a heated issue, and there's a lot of emotion involved," said Ottenwess. "But it's good to have that debate and get those issues out for discussion so that we can come to some sort of resolution."

      Ottenwess will now work with the city attorney to formally put the deal in place as quickly as possible.