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      Judges race

      Kevin Koch has been practicing law in Marquette County for nearly 30 years, and he says it's experience that's got him ready to be Marquette County's next Circuit Court Judge.

      "I feel that with that kind of length and depth and breath of experience," said Koch, "that I am able to sit down at that desk and serve the people of Marquette County."

      However, his opponent, Jennifer Mazzuchi, says her 14 years of being a County Prosecutor have given her what it takes to sit on the bench.

      "I'm in court everyday," explained Mazzuchi, "so I have a lot of exposure to a big variety of cases. And I feel I've got a good understanding of what the position requires."

      And that would initially be Family Court cases. Mazzuchi says if she's elected, she'll focus on child protection.

      "What I do everyday is make decisions," Mazzuchi said, "after weighing evidence from a variety of sources, and so I do have considerable experience in working for the public and making the types of decisions that a judge would have to make."

      Koch believes good parent-child relationships are crucial to the success of broken families.

      "My whole theme through my working career in this area," Koch explained, "has been to promote as much contact between parents and their children, even if they're going through a divorce, because those children have to grow up stable."

      Voters will make the final call when they head to the polls on Tuesday.