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      Labor Day Rally

      The brisk weather did not stop labor unions and community members alike from coming together to celebrate the contributions of American workers.

      The annual Ispheming Labor Day picnic and rally attracted unions from all over the U.P. and could prove more meaningful than previous years. The recent tide of legislation curbing union's rights in nearby Wisconsin and elsewhere has alarmed many in organized labor.

      Some union representatives took the holiday as an opportunity to voice their concerns.

      Our organization was put together probably around December or January to stop the attacks on the middle class from Lansing and somewhat Washington D.C., but particularly the Michigan Legislature, said Jim Johnson, field organizer for We Are the People.

      Politics aside though, many came out to just have a good time. Live music, a popular bounce house and, of course, good food highlighted the family-friendly event aimed at bringing working people together.

      Labor Day is a day to celebrate labor and what they've done for the country, said Carolyn Hietamaki of the National Nurses United. The country is founded on labor, so today we celebrate all our fellow brothers and sisters in labor unions.

      Family members of workers also came out to show support for their loved ones.

      We came out today because my mom works for Jacobetti, and we came to support her union, said Jenny Beck, a rally attendee. It means a lot to her to know that we're supporting her and her job.