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      Marquette mayor seeks higher office

      Marquette's mayor, John Kivela, filed paperwork signifying a major career move on Friday. Kivela filed his paperwork to officially begin his candidacy for the 109th District Representative seat.

      The seat is currently held by Democrat Steve Lindberg of Marquette. Lindberg's term expires in 2012.

      Kivela, also a Democrat, says if elected, one of his top priorities will be to bring business back to Michigan and the U.P.

      "The U.P. is uniquely different," said Kivela. "We depend on tourism, mining, timber--those things are in our culture and will be part of this area for generations to come. But we do need to find creative, new ways to employ people up here."

      According to Kivela, education will also top his list of priorities if voters send him to Lansing.

      Kivela was elected as mayor of Marquette back in 2008 and has served on the Marquette City Commission since 2006.