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      POLL - TSA child search

      As many people know, the TSA has increased measures to keep our skies safe, and with a holiday season of travel approaching there has been some uproar over the procedures.

      This video recently showed up on YouTube, showing the search of a young child.

      lukemtait - YouTube

      This search also brings up another story from over the weekend, involving a cancer survivor.


      A bladder cancer survivor from Michigan, who wears a bag that collects his urine, says he was patted down roughly by a security agent at Detroit Metropolitan Airport, causing the lid on the bag to spill its contents on his clothing.

      Tom Sawyer tells the experience earlier this month left the 61-year-old retired special education teacher humiliated and in tears before catching a flight to Orlando, Florida.

      Transportation Security Administration chief John Pistole said on CBS' "The Early Show" on Monday, he had "great concern" for people, such as Sawyer, who feel "like they have not been treated properly."

      Sawyer tells the Detroit Free Press, once through security, he changed his bag but didn't have time to change his clothing and had to board the plane soaked in urine.

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      We're wondering what you think about this incident: Is this going too far in the name of security?