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      Senator Carl Levin talks about Grand Marais breakwater

      Senator Carl Levin touched on the subject of the Grand Marais harbor's breakwater while visiting the Upper Peninsula.

      The Department of Environmental Quality recently granted Burt Township the permit to build a new breakwater and save the harbor, which is filling with sediment but they're still waiting on a permit and funding from the Army Corps of Engineers.

      Burt Township currently has $5 million in state funding and $200,000 in township funds, but they say they are still hoping to get funds from the Army Corps. The Corps has $1.6 million appropriated towards the project, however they have yet to come through with the funding.

      On Wednesday, Senator Levin said the township should hand over the funding they have so far to put in one big federal fund, and let the Army Corps of Engineers take the reins on the project.

      "We'll be asking the Corps of Engineers again whether or not they are willing to have the state money to put into the pot with the federal money," said Senator Levin. "And then for the corps to take responsibility for the construction that is necessary in that harbor. Now if the corps says yes it will be up to the folks of Grand Marais."

      Burt Township representatives say after five decades of waiting, they don't trust the Army Corps of Engineers to build the breakwater. Supervisor Jack Hubbard says the Army Corps has a track record of not getting things done on time.