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      Should you have the right to decide when it's time?

      The votes are in and Wednesday, our Facebook viewers want to know about your 'right to die' and assisted suicide.

      Three states have laws making assisted suicide legal, but a couple dozen have laws that criminalize it.

      Here, in Michigan, we don't have a state assisted suicide law at all, but attorneys say you could technically be charged with a felony.

      Known as Dr. Death; Dr. Jack Kevorkian, was a Michigan physician who assisted in the suicide of 130 patients. He served eight years in prison for his actions. He was prosecuted when Michigan did have a law that prohibited assisted suicide.

      Was justice was served in his case? Our Facebook viewers have varying opinions.

      Vickie Snyder writes: "If someone's condition is terminal and they are suffering with no chance of getting any better, then they should have that option. We shoot horses and put down our pets when they are suffering."

      Tami Leslie Westman writes: "Assisted suicide is homicide. It is immoral and against a doctor's oath. It's too easy for impatient and non-caring family members."

      There are some decisions the law does allow you to make regarding a potential end of life, such as advance directives or a living will.

      "Most medical power of attorney documents will specifically say that the decision to let your doctors give or take away treatment that could possibly end your life is not assisted suicide," says Elder Law Attorney Susan Wideman.

      That may be a request not to administer life support, a do-not-resuscitate order or more personalized and specific requests.

      Michigan operates on a patient advocate system, which means you can select someone else to communicate your wishes if you are unable to.

      Attorney Susan Wideman says it's important to remember when setting up these kinds of directives that the law does change from state to state.

      If you're going to be traveling or moving, it's important to check and make sure the directives you've set up will apply in that location.