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      Arkansas State approves new nickname

      Arkansas State's athletic teams will be called the Red Wolves starting this fall, ending nearly eight decades of being known as the Indians.

      The school's Board of Trustees ratified the nickname after Chancellor Robert Potts recommended it, the university announced Friday.

      Arkansas State has used Indians as a nickname since 1931. In 2005, the NCAA announced a ban on ethnically or racially "hostile" or "abusive" nicknames, mascots and imagery at championship events. Arkansas State was one of the schools found in violation of the policy.

      The school had narrowed the replacement choices to Wolves and Red Wolves - and Potts preferred the latter.

      "This would make our choice unique, and much easier to protect under intellectual property law," Potts said in a statement. "The red wolf is a noble species that once inhabited Arkansas. They are vicious and very aggressive. I believe that Red Wolves is the best choice and that is the mascot that we would like to adopt."

      The school will host a ceremony introducing the new mascot next Thursday.