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      Clay Matthews hit has domino effect

      Itâ??s the play thatâ??s been talked about long after the game is over.

      During the second quarter of Green Bayâ??s 34-28 loss against the San Francisco 49ers, linebacker Clay Matthews controversially hit quarterback Colin Kaepernick as he was headed toward the sidelines.

      Matthews was then penalized for the late hit, and an intense melee ensued.

      Because of the penalty, San Francisco was able to retry third down, instead of facing a fourth-and-2 at the 6-yard line.

      â??First off, it wasnâ??t a very smart play,â?? said Matthews to the media. â??I had already committed to hitting the quarterback. I mean, I guess I should have figured he was going to step out of bounds, but itâ??s nothing personal.â??

      However, this wasnâ??t the end of the debacle.

      Referee Bill Leavy incorrectly penalized 49ers tackle Joe Staley for an unsportsmanlike conduct call after he joined the scrum. Leavy has since been downgraded for his erroneous calls. As a result, San Francisco was able to replay the down and they scored a touchdown.

      The league said Monday both penalties were dead-ball fouls, which means it should have been fourth-and-2 for San Francisco.

      As for Jim Harbaugh, he didnâ??t say it, but it can be implied he thought Matthewsâ?? hit was dirty.

      â??If youâ??re going to go to the face, come with some knuckles, not an open slap,â?? said Harbaugh during his press conference. â??I think if that young man works very hard on being a tough guy, heâ??ll have some repairing to do to his image after the slap.â??

      Matthews will likely be penalized for the hit.

      Do you think the hit was legal? What do you think of Harbaughâ??s comment? Sound off below in our Facebook section.