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      Drifting to the Top

      Its name is indicative of its nature.

      The Sno Drift Rally tests a driver's control on icy, snowy roads.

      "It's hard to be in control, but you also need to be out of control a little bit the whole time to go fast," said Adam Yeoman, FY Racing driver. "You have to commit to corners and throw yourself in, but know your limit of grip is, so you're as close to that as you can be, to go as fast as you can go, without going off the road."

      Houghton's FY Racing team of Adam Yeoman and Jordan Schulze are competing in their fourth Sno Drift Rally. Last season, they placed fourth at Sno Drift, but this year, their higher starting position in the race has them both feeling confident.

      "Mentally we're in a good place," Yeoman said. "The car's never been set up so good. We have a much better team now, working really well and making the car as good as it can be."

      Yeoman and Schulze built FY Racing from the ground up. As a result, the team spent weeks getting their Subaru STI ready for the snowy conditions. The team changed tires, checked tire pressure, the suspension, worked with different engines, and looked at softer parts for the car.

      "When you go and race, you don't realize how much changes we make doing this one snow event,"said FY Racing co-driver, Jordan Schulze. "We have a completely different suspension setup...different engine mapping. It's a lot of work to do this one race on a different surface."

      After setting up the car, the team went south to Newberry to test out the car.

      To perform well at Sno Drift, there needs to be a happy medium. Drivers have to be gentler on the throttle to avoid spinning out, but they also have to be aggressive with how they drive if they want a faster finish.

      Yeoman says he is confident the car his team has put together this year can help them to a podium finish.

      The Sno Drift Rally kicks off the Rally Championship Series Jan. 24 and Jan. 25 in Atlanta, MI.