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      First 10 and under tennis camp in Upper Peninsula a success

      The very first 10 and under tennis camp in the Upper Peninsula began Saturday inside the Marquette County YMCA.

      Josh Kitto, a PTR certified 10 and under tennis professional, along with George Lowe, a Michigan tennis service representative, hosted a tennis class for several youngsters.

      What makes this camp unique is that it's tailored to the child's individual skill level and needs. Ths kids use smaller racquets, lighter foam balls, and play on modified courts indoors.

      Kitto says this innovative way of teaching kids can keep them engaged in the sport at an early age.

      The children engaged in several activities, such as learning how to handle a racquet, and hand-and-eye coordination activities. Most importantly, Kitto believes it was all about having fun.

      "Tennis is a hard sport to learn in a sense in how it's taught traditionally," said Kitto. "With the new changes we made with the equipment and the new regulations they can learn, they can have fun at a young age. The most important thing about this is that it can be done right on the gym floor, so now tennis is year-round in the U.P., whereas before it was only three, four months tops."

      For more information on how to join, call the YMCA at (906) 227-9622.