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      First ever Kamarainen Memorial Tournament takes off in Baraga

      Imagine playing hockey and softball on a frozen Lake Superior.

      Alan Kamarainen made that his mission this year, and he did it all by himself.

      It took Kamarainen almost two weeks to convert part of the lake into a hockey rink, basketball court, and softball field.

      The first ever Kamarainen Memorial Tournament was held in honor of his father, Ron, who passed away four years ago. This tournament was also a chance to help raise money for his daughter, Amber, and her Baraga High School senior class trip to Chicago.

      â??My dad, he was big into volunteering time to put together ball fields and rinks and various things,â?? Kamarainen said. â??He just had a big influence on me. For most people, winters are long, but I make the best of it. I have fun.â??

      Locals from Baraga, along with various friends and family, showed up at the tournament.

      Several children played ice hockey, while others competed in a friendly game of softball.

      â??Being a teacher [at Baraga]â?| thatâ??s really nice that Al, heâ??s taken so much time to do this,â?? Amy Lake, a Baraga special eduation teacher, said. â??[He took] so much effort just to help the kids raise some money to do some extra learning.â??

      Kamarainen said his goal is to make this tournament an annual event, and plans to add even more activities next year.

      The tournament continues until Sunday.