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      First Grant Henriksen Memorial Golf Fundraiser a success

      MARQUETTE -- Tracy Henriksen made the best out of a difficult situation. After her 15-year-old son, Grant, lost his battle with bone cancer last year, she decided to do something to honor him. Grant loved to ski, swim, and play golf in their backyard, so she set up the Grant Henriksen Memorial Golf Fundraiser in his name.

      Eighty golfers showed up at Gentz's Homestead Golf Course to help support the cause. Henriksen says she had to travel to take her son to get his cancer treatments. So, she thought this fundraiser would be a good way to raise money for other Upper Peninsula families who have children battling cancer.

      Henriksen says she was overwhelmed by the amount of people who volunteered to help.

      "Grant would be extremely proud of what we're doing," Henriksen said. "He would be proud and thankful for all the people that're helping. We have gotten so many volunteers, more volunteers than we can even use. I know it's because of Grant's influence on other people and how well he was liked."

      After golfing, everyone headed over to Marquette Mountain. There, it was a big celebration. Participants enjoyed a picnic, live auction, raffle, and live music by Jim and Ray. There was also volleyball, yard games, and a cash bar.

      It was an extra special day because it would have been Grant's sixteenth birthday.

      To donate to the fundraiser, or for more information on the event, contact: Tracy Henriksen at 250-0051, Greg Dix at 271-0400, or Kellie Genshaw at 225-1990.