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      FOX UP now carried on Dish

      Good news for TV viewers in the Upper Peninsula.

      The Dish Network on Wednesday started carrying FOX UP, the new FOX station that took to the air earlier this summer. Dish subscribers will be able to find FOX UP on either channel 35 or 6523.

      FOX UP runs a nightly newscast at 10 p.m. Eastern time, Monday through Friday, with Elizabeth Peterson and Karl Bohnak. It also airs NFL football games and FOX prime time shows.

      FOX UP also runs syndicated programming like Two and a Half Men, My Name Is Earl, and Star Trek the Next Generation, along with programs from the America One network.

      WLUC President and CEO Rob Jamros welcomed the news from Dish.

      "It means our viewers can get the news, entertainment and information they need in parts of Upper Michigan that can't receive us over the air," he said.

      FOX UP can also be received over the air at 6.2 and on various cable channels. Charter Cable, which is the largest carrier in the U.P., is carrying the station on Channel 306, but negotiations are underway to change it to a lower channel.