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      Getting back to running

      According to therapists, more than 56 percent of all runners get injured each year.

      Some injuries are so severe it stops you from continuing to run, but Marquette General Therapies has some techniques to get you back running. Barbara Trudeau has always been an avid runner for the last 26 years, but it wasn't until last year she thought she wouldn't be able to continue running.

      "Really sore if I tried to work, or I wouldn't be able to tolerate shopping, working or anything very comfortably," said Barbara Trudeau.

      At Marquette General Therapies, she found out she had several foot problems including an inflamed tendon. Physical Therapist Brenda Salisbury says most running injuries result from people trying to do too much, too soon.

      "Shin splints, knee pain, hip pain, but we even see things like low back pain. Foot pain, stress fractures," said Brenda Salisbury.

      Ultrasounds are included in the basic examination to detect the area of pain. Therapy begins with exercises, massages, even running on a treadmill in a pool to eliminate the pain.

      The main part of therapy is addressing issues with your running. With a video camera Salisbury shoots video of how you run. The video lets her examine your technique and see what should be changed to alleviate stress.

      "Maybe change their stride length. We might change how many steps they take in a minute. We might change where their foot lands underneath them. We might change their posture when they run. Even sometimes how much movement they have at a joint, we might change and adjust that," Salisbury said.

      As for Barbara, she's continuing to train for upcoming marathons.

      "They gave me what I needed and to be able to manage this on my own with the stretching the exercising," Trudeau added.

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