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      Kimar's Charters goes for the big catch

      The sign comes up quickly alongside Michigan Highway 28 near Shelter Bay. Kimarâ??s Resort and Charter Fishing stands as it always has. It has been part of Dave Kimarâ??s family since 1967. Five decades later, he is still sharing his wisdom to fishermen who may need some help fishing on Lake Superior.

      â??Itâ??s always a challenge,â?? Kimar said. â??I mean it's always fun trying to go out and catch some fish, and seeing what they're biting on, where they are. It's enjoyable taking people out and talking to them about where they've been and what they do."

      Ice still covered parts of Lake Superior entering the first week of June, which put a slight delay to many fishermen's plans in the Upper Peninsula. However, as the days got warmer, more charter boats started venturing out.

      Now, it can be quite burdensome for anglers to rent a boat and just go fishing once a week. That is what Kimarâ??s Charters is there for. They have boats that already carry the technology and equipment that can guide anglers to a big catch.

      So on a particularly crystal clear Thursday morning, Detroit natives Ray Dumas and Diana Smith hopped aboard a charter boat at Kimarâ??s Charters. Joining them were Kimar and Captain Bill Weisinger. Their goal that day, catch some lake trout.

      The boat ventured out west about five to six miles. The magic number was around 210 in the depth finder, which is where most of the lake trout were taking the bait.

      â??This time of the year, with the water temperatures being cooler for a late spring, early summer, the fish are kind of scattered,â?? Weisinger said. â??We're out looking for them on a regular basis and typically we're getting a handful every trip, but the goal is to get more."

      The key to charter fishing is to know where to fish, but other times, it just takes a little patience.

      After three hours, the groupâ??s official trout count stood at two. However, just as Weisinger and Kimar started packing up, Dumas and Smith received a surprise. Two lake trout took the bait, all within five minutes of each other.

      "It's a perfect way to end the trip,â?? Dumas said. â??Reeling up the line, [I] just caught two as we're leaving so, great day, great day."

      A great day indeed. On the afternoon, the crew caught four lake trout.

      Kimar says on average, groups can catch from three to even a dozen fish. With the weather improving, July and August are his busiest months. For a chance to catch your own lake trout, visit: .