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      Local club helps hunters test gun sights

      The Ottawa Sportsmen's Club held their final sight-in on Monday.

      Deer hunting season begins on Tuesday, and hunters came out to test their rifles to make sure they're on target for the season.

      The hunters start at 50 yards to see how close they are in the target and then move back to 100 yards, which is done to keep from wasting ammunition.

      "You go back to the range and the range officers will help you get your gun set up, and it's for making sure that your gun shoots properly and that it's sighted-in correctly to do a successful harvest," said Vice President Ken Snyder.

      "The club has been around for over 40 years and during the summer, Ottawa offers a summer shooting camp for kids to teach them proper gun safety and competition shooting.

      They're also having a buck contest to see who can catch the largest buck. The shooting range is open to the public, and donations are accepted.