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      Marquette Senior High School students rally around the Redmen

      For the first time ever, the Marquette Senior High School Varsity Football Team is heading to the playoffs for a second straight year.

      Teachers, students, and athletes alike are saying that not only has the good news boosted the spirits of the team, it's improved the morale of the entire school.

      "Spirits are high, students are smiling, laughing, there's a buzz that cannot be explained without you being here. Everybody's happy, excited and things are headed in the right direction," says teacher Chris Vicenzi.

      "On Fridays, it's tough; you know it's Friday, but everyone is really looking forward to the game, but we're always going around saying 'good luck, have a good game,'" says Jake Olson of the JV Football team.

      And even if you can't sense the excitement in the air that comes with the Redmen's victories, you can see it in the stands. Last week's homecoming game against Menominee High School saw a record-breaking crowd.

      "Everybody got all decked out in red and white, everybody was just crazy all week. Everybody was anticipating the game and the dance. The hype around the game was awesome," says senior Nick Mallado.

      But the improved turnout hasn't just given a boost to red and white pride. Ticket sales have also seen a huge increase.

      Last year when the team made it to the playoffs for the first time in nearly a decade, ticket sale revenue went up by $10,000.

      "That money goes directly into the general fund, and that helps not only athletics but the district," says Athletic Director Jamie Tuma.

      So what's the secret behind the Redmen's winning streak? As it turns out, it's not what they're doing on the field. It's what they're doing off the field that's making all the difference.

      "Well, the last couple years we've done a much better job with our off season training program. Kids have really dedicated themselves to being in the weight room, putting in the time and effort in our off season, and the results are really showing," says Coach David L'Huillier.

      Details of the playoff tournament will be announced Sunday, October 23.