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      Marquette skate park gets long-awaited funding

      The Marquette Skate Park Committee received a $20,000 grant from the Alger Marquette Community Action Board (AMCAB) on Tuesday for a brand new skate park.

      The goal is to give kids a safe and legal place to skate. The current skateboard park is outdated. The new park is expected to be much bigger, offer more obstacles, and be more accessible.

      Everyone involved with this project hopes that it will have a positive effect on the community.

      "We've been working with this grant for about a year and recently had the contracts finally signed, and again, we're pleased that we're able to be a part in helping with our community," said AMCAB Executive Director Earl Hawn.

      "We just got recognized as Money Magazine's 'one of the five best places to retire'," said committee member Stu Bradley. "We're hoping to make this maybe one of the five best places to raise kids."

      In total they've raised about $400,000 for the project. They have received funding from the Marquette City Commission, the Committee Foundation and the Tony Hawk Foundation.

      The project should be started early next spring.