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      Negaunee's Rosalie Anderson headlines MPC softball all-conference honors

      Here are the players who made MPC All-Conference honors:

      MPC Player of the Year: Rosalie Anderson Negaunee

      MPC Coach of the Year: Randy Carlson Negaunee

      MPC All-Conference 1st Team:


      Adena Anderson Negaunee

      Rachel Conery Norway

      Katie Rankinen Westwood

      Nicole Richer Negaunee

      Bobbi Hulce Norway

      Lindsey Thompson Ishpeming


      Taylor Ring Negaunee

      Sinead Korvela Ishpeming

      Britta Grayvold Norway

      Shana Caligury Westwood

      MPC All-Conference 2nd Team:


      Ashley Menominee Manistique

      Breanne Richey Manistique

      Nicole Violetta Negaunee

      Harlie Caster Norway

      Hannah Salmi Westwood

      Gabby Croley Ishpeming


      Sydney Chartier Manistique

      Emily Myers Ishpeming

      Jacey Bal Norway

      Shae Blewett Westwood

      Honorable Mention:

      Samantha Williams Manistique

      Bela Wedig Gwinn

      Madison Russell Manistique

      Samantha Beauchamp Westwood

      In addition, at previous meetings, Rosalie Anderson, Nicole Richer, Adena Anderson, and Taylor Ring were named to the Division 3 All District Team and Rosalie Anderson was named to the Division 3 All Region Team.