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      NFL Orthopedic Surgeon joins Portage Health

      Going from the NFL sidelines to Portage Health Hospital in Hancock is quite the change for Dr. Christopher Peer. But the orthopedic surgeon from Vermont is already keeping busy with his new patients. Virginia Tech, Georgetown, and the University of New Mexico are all schools under Dr. Peer's belt. He also completed his fellowship in sports medicine, working with the Kansas City Chiefs. "During that year, I was exposed to a lot of the sideline coverage, a lot of the ongoing game coverage, and evaluation and treatment of the players that are hurt," said Dr. Peer.

      His exposure to athletics and his talent are exactly what Portage Health Hospital looked for.

      "With him having his sports medicine specialty and his great background in shoulders and knees, it's a great fit for us," said Unit Manager Lynda Janovsky.

      Dr. Peer sees patients with specific injuries to knees and shoulders. He and his colleagues all agree that to say he's excited about local athletics would be understatement. "The presence of Michigan Tech, a very active, large sports program, Finlandia, too--two colleges that are very involved in sports. I had a small college that I took care of where I came from, but it TMs not on the same level as what we're going to see here," Dr. Peer said. "He's very personable, very open, and he is very excited about being engaged with local athletes with Michigan Tech and Finlandia and the high school sports teams," Janovsky said. Dr. Peer is still planning on working with the Kansas City Chiefs. In fact, he TMs already been invited to Green Bay when they play the Green Bay Packers.