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      73 / 51

      Rochester wins third straight UPLGA title

      Marquette Senior High School graduate Avery Rochester has captured her third Upper Peninsula Ladies Golf Association tournament in a row.

      Rochester defeated Calumet's Zoe Woodworth three and two in the final Tuesday afternoon after getting past Gladstone's Lori Shea in the semifinal three and two at the Highland Golf Club.

      Woodworth held off Pine Grove's JoAnn Poncino three and two in the other semifinal.

      Rochester won the first two holes in the final. Woodworth came back to take the fourth hole. but Woodworth was unable to get the lead during the match.

      ChampionshipAvery Rochester (Wawonowin) beat Zoe Woodworth (Calumet) 3-2 President's FlightNancy Osier (Gogebic) +1 1st FlightCathy Shamion (Ontonagon) 2-1 2nd FlightJean Constantini (Pine Grove) 3rd FlightLinda Richard (The Crossings) 5-4 4th FlightPeggy Koski (Wawonowin) 2-1 5th FlightHilary Melin (Highland) 7-6 6th FlightLisa Leskanic (Marquette) 5-4