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      Slideshow of photos from Choco-X bike race in Marquette

      There was some cyclocross action Sunday afternoon with the Choco-X in Harvey. Many bikers geared up for the challenge on a surprisingly warm day at Cherry Creek Elementary School.

      The race started with an up-and-down hill battle through the scenic woods to set up the obstacles.

      One of the many challenges was making tight turns on the very steep hills. Many tried and lost their footing, while others walked all the way up the hill to conserve their energy for later in the race.

      But nothing was as fun as the mud pit. Some got all the way through the puddle, others carried their bikes through the mud hoping not to fall, and some got all the way through the puddle but had trouble getting off the bike and fell into the mud.

      Overall, the day of racing was great and the bikers from all over had a great experience.