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      The Marquette Bay Classic splashes into Lower Harbor Park

      MARQUETTE -- The South Shore Fishing Association hosted its 11th annual Marquette Bay Classic over by Lower Harbor Park. Hundreds of anglers battled the chilly, foggy conditions to fish with their comrades.

      This year, the classic offered four main categories: catch-and-keep trout, catch-and-keep salmon, catch-and-release trout, and catch-and-release salmon.

      Dan Bianchi, South Shore's fall tournament chairman, says this classic is one of the only ones to offer live release.

      Anglers had from 6 a.m. until 3 p.m. to fish. Then, it was time for the 59 boats of anglers to weigh in.

      Boat 36, "On the Line", caught a 10 pound lake trout. A fellow angler caught a 17 pound trout as well.

      But it was Michael Granato from boat 23, "Searchers" who came up with the biggest lake trout of the day, and of the tournament. His fish weighed in at 27.14 pounds.

      ??You put your lures down 100 feet and you??re good to go,?? Granato said. ??We got a little lucky. It broke off right at the boat?| we got half the fish in the boat and landed it.??

      Nathaniel Kudwa from ??Bad Habit?? caught the biggest salmon at 7.79 pounds.

      ??It was all luck, 100 percent luck,?? Kudwa said. ??There was great sun in the morning, flat water?| just an all around great tournament.??

      Both men won $1,000 for catching the biggest fish in their respective categories.

      Other winners included: ??Reel Screaming?? won first place in the catch-and-keep lake trout category with 63.26 pounds of fish, ??Blonds and Rods?? had 76.59 pounds of fish to capture the catch-and-release lake trout category, ??Grind Line?? ended with 15.05 pounds of salmon to win the catch-and-keep division, while ??Marshall??s Toy?? caught 11.23 pounds of salmon in the catch-and-release division.

      ??The biggest reason for today is because it??s our biggest fundraiser, and we use those funds to support our charitable projects,?? Bianchi said. ??We certainly like to catch fish. We take our hobby, maybe even our obsession and try to do some good work with it.??

      Other charitable events include a fish fry for veterans and a kids fishing derby next Saturday.

      For more information on the other winners, and other events hosted by the South Shore Fishing Association, visit: http://www.southshorefishing.upangler.com/.