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      Travelling the country for fantasy football

      Imagine travelling the country every year for fantasy football.

      The twelve members who make up the Pigskin Post Fantasy Football League have done just that for the past 20 years.

      The group has travelled to Pittsburgh, Detroit, Las Vegas, Chicago, and even Nashville to satisfy their fantasy football cravings.

      This year was different, it was extra special.

      For their 20th anniversary, the group travelled back to Marquette, where it all started. The league was started by Commissioner John Sabol back in 1995 with five other friends. Their first three drafts were held inside JTâ??s Shaft, an old tavern in Marquette, which is now occupied by Wright & Filippis.

      â??It's really great to be back here,â?? Marquette native Dan Blomquist said. â??Seeing some of these guys who haven't been back for maybe 15 years because we've gone away to collegeâ?| and to see how much this city has grown and changed is really exciting.â??

      So this year, the PPFFL regrouped inside the Landmark Inn in Marquette for draft day.

      While everyone is competitive in their picks, these annual gatherings are more for the camaraderie than anything else. Last year, they all hunkered down in a beach house in the Lower Peninsula.

      â??Most of us have known each other for 20, 30, even 40 years,â?? Sabol said. â??This is our way of not only playing a game we love, but keeping in touch with each other since we're all now living throughout the country.â??

      Coming to Marquette was not just an impulse decision. The group chats year round. They usually spend eight to nine months prior to the draft planning out their next destination.

      For the 2015 fantasy football draft, the group hopes to fly to either New Orleans or Myrtle Beach.

      â??This is just a special one," member Scott Doelling said. "We've kept this just for the guys for 20 years now. It's just something we really do cherish, that time with each other. We'd hate to give it up.â??