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      UP 200 Finish

      It was a close race. It turns out that David Gill, who was leading, got runner up. Ryan Anderson surprised timers by crossing the finish line earlier than expected at 9:16 Sunday morning.

      Anderson says he let his dogs take over. "You know just watching the dogs, managing the dogs and let them take over in the end, as long as I could, to conserve enough energy for the end of the race. I knew it would work out," said Anderson.

      Anderson takes home the prize of $7,200. The race was moved to Chatam this year because there wasn't enough snow, and it ended in Grand Marais.

      The teams were concerned about how the conditions of the trails were. Temperatures dropped below 15 degrees just in time Saturday night, making it a better run for the teams.

      Betsy Jorgenson, a top handler for her husband, number 22, caught an up close look as two teams battled it out to cross the line. "Two burly mushers, just grunting and snorting and kicking; just an awesome effort at a once-in-a-lifetime photo finish. You just don't get to see that everyday in dog mushing," said Jorgenson.

      Many supporters showed up early Sunday morning. Spectator Dylan Marpoe, who was rooting for David Gill, was excited to see the finish on such a beautiful day.

      "I'm very excited. It's a great day for the finish, and it's great out here. I'm just glad it wasn't snowing and cold as it was in the start," said Marpoe.

      Surpassing the challenges of the lack of snow this year, mushers, staff, and spectators are excited it went well and can't wait for next year.ã??