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      USA Wrestling's Cadet World Team headed to Serbia

      MARQUETTE -- Members of the USA Wrestling's Cadet World Team hit the mats inside Northern Michigan University today.

      The team has been practicing here all week long to prepare for the Cadet World Championships in Zrenjanin, Serbia on Aug. 20-21.

      While inside NMU, the wrestlers have been conditioning, watching their weight, and watching film to prepare for their trip to Serbia.

      Sixteen-year-old Kyle Norstrem of Brandon, Fla. participated in the championship last year, where he went 1-1.

      "[Heading into the championship this year] you need to have endurance, stamina, mental endurance and physical strength because you can't break out there or they'll break you," Norstrem said.

      "We do have a young team," Danny Struck, FILA Cadet World Team coach, said. "We have four kids that are just leaving middle school and coming into high school and they could be wrestling high school seniors. But, they're the best in the United States, so it's the best we have to offer and I'm looking forward to a great trip."

      The best athletes, indeed. To qualify for this team, the athletes had to win the FILA Cadet Nationals held earlier this May in Akron, Ohio.

      The team will be coached by United States Olympic Education center head coach Rob Hermann. They leave today at noon for Serbia.