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      USOEC weightlifters earn medals

      Courtesy: USOEC

      United States Olympic Education Center weightlifters earned two gold medals and a bronze on Friday, May 18, at the Wisconsin State Championships/Open in Denmark, Wis. Members of the Northern Michigan University Club weightlifting team added three gold medals in the junior category.

      First-place finishers for the USOEC team were Holly Oâ??Dovero of Marquette, Mich., with a 125-kilogram total in the 58-kg weight class and Vanessa McCoy of Wichita Falls, Texas, who competed at 63 kg and lifted a 188-kg total. McCoy lifted a personal best of 105 kg in the clean and jerk, beating her old record by 1 kg.

      Finishing the event in third place was Brennen Jaquint of Evansville, Wis. Jaquint competed at 105 kg and lifted a snatch, and clean and jerk total of 240 kg.

      First-place finishers for the NMU Club Team were Marquette residents Jarynn and Dinele Stewart and Sage Pletka.

      With their victory, Jarynn and Dinele qualified for the National Youth Weightlifting Championships June 28-30 in St. Joseph, Mo.

      Resident Team Results 58 kg Holly Oâ??Dovero Snatch 56 kg Clean & Jerk 69 kg 1st place

      63 kg Vanessa McCoy Snatch 83 kg Clean & Jerk 105 kg 1st place

      105 kg Brennen Jaquint Snatch 110 kg Clean & Jerk 130 kg 3rd place

      Club Team Results 53 kg Jarynn Stewart Snatch 37 kg Clean & Jerk 50 kg 1st place

      58 kg Dinele Stewart Snatch 36 kg Clean & Jerk 50 kg 1st place

      62 kg Sage Pletka Snatch 36 kg Clean & Jerk 50 kg 1st place